No Easy Choice

No easy choice has made itself clear this election season. I have been thinking about several key areas though. You will notice that they all relate to character and morality, not policy. My conclusion at this point is that I am choosing Huckabee because he has always been against abortion, he has a personality that seems plain and humorous, and because he is the lesser of several evils.

  • MORALITY: I can’t cast my vote for any politician who is not clearly against abortion. This automatically rules out every current Democratic candidate as well as Giuliani. Based on their previous records, I have serious doubts I could vote for either Romney or McCain on this issue alone.
  • CHARACTER: Based on previous business dealings, I have difficulties with both Giuliani and Huckabee. Of all the character things I’m aware of right now, I think the one most repugnant to me is Giuliani’s adultery. I can accept a President who lacks business acumen, but have a great deal of trouble with believing a man will break his vow to his wife and keep his vow to the public.
  • MORMONISM: Yes, Romney’s Mormon faith will keep me from voting for him. I do not hold McCain’s Episcopalianism or Giuliani’s Cathollicism against them, so why am I tough on Romney? Romney is not just a run-of-the-mill Mormon. He was a missionary and leader in this church that denies the orthodox Christian Trinity. Since our government is based on the Trinity, I would rather elect a stark monotheist or a principled atheist than someone who claims to be an evangelical yet denies the Trinity. I am deeply disturbed by a faith that is not forthright about its history or its beliefs.

Have I overlooked a candidate? Is this just an ugly election season? I am heartened by the “above-the-fray” attitude that seems to characterize Obama and Huckabee particularly. The country seems to be ready for this kind of attitude, whether out of angst at negativity or sheer apathy I’m not sure. The coming days will no doubt prove interesting as we see how the rest of America feels about the candidates before us.


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